About Us

MARSA Solutions is certified by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) as a WMBE consulting company offering multi-industry technical and strategic expertise to our clients. Our mission is to deliver system engineering & development, testing, full life cycle project management, and mentoring to modernize and standardize our clients' technology development and management capabilities. We serve the following industries:

  • Utilities
  • Energy, Renewable, & Environment
  • Information Technologies & Services
  • Transportation

What can MARSA do for you?

Our technical and strategic expertise has been implemented in industries ranging from utilities to manufacturing, to rail and in energy efficiency. We understand that the amount of information collected and stored in a wide-range of industries has increased due to the ongoing advancements in information technology. Our experts are here to provide the tools necessary to process the data and make it available as well as comprehensive to our clients. We have developed enabling technologies to create the environment for more effective decision making for device communication & controls, assets, and energy management markets.

At MARSA Solutions, our belief is based on our knowledge that progress in technology is faster than any single company can match. We work with you to keep your products and services competitive in the face of scarce resources, accelerating cost pressure, and enormous investment needs. While we maintain an aggressive approach, we also keep the ability to be flexible, and get the help of experts when justifiable and acceptable to you. We support a client-consultant engagement that is unrivaled, thereby allowing us to lead you through decisions on product and technical issues, as well as their impact on your industry, and your company's future.

Client Testimonial

We were very impressed with the services that Marsa Solutions have provided Cattron Group International (CGI). The consultants at MARSA Solutions demonstrated a level of expertise and knowledge that have helped us in the development of an advanced control system for our company.

Haroon Inam, Vice President of Global Engineering, Cattron Group International