High Speed Machines

MARSA Solutions has experience in design, development, testing, and sustainability of high speed machines. These machines are used either as motors to spin other devices such as compressors, or as generators used in direct drive systems, in which the generators are coupled directly to gas turbines.

Conventional gas turbine generator sets consist of a high speed turbine coupled to a low speed alternator through a speed reduction gearbox. This is required to maintain the generator output frequency at 50 Hz or 60Hz, as output frequency is directly proportional to speed. Since power is also directly proportional to speed, the conventional system is bulky and possesses a very large footprint. The advent of solid-state inverters, with their unique ability to efficiently and cost effectively change the generator output frequency, has made it possible to eliminate the need to require 50/60 Hz output frequency from the gas turbine alternator (GTA). Therefore, a high speed generator converting the gas turbine shaft power to high frequency electrical power eliminates the need for a gearbox and greatly reduces the size, complexity, and weight of the machine by trading speed for torque.

The high speed integrated power system offers many advantages such as:

  • Smaller foot print and lower weight
  • Operational flexibility due to GTA's inherent variable speed capability
  • Higher reliability and lower maintenance due to a reduction in the number of the components