Conducting system reliability, availability, and maintainability [RAM] analysis is a common requirement that MARSA Solutions will always recommend when developing and implementing safety critical and mission critical applications. RAM is an engineering process and strategy that MARSA will use to demonstrate that the designed and eventually the delivered systems meet the dependability requirements by way of the optimization of the system reliability and maintainability.

Prediction models for system reliability, availability, and maintainability will ensure that the design process focuses on the identified targets so that they can be achieved. Throughout the design phases, proper techniques such as allocations, modeling and predictions will be used.

We will assist you in developing an appropriate RAM program with the following objectives:

  • Have RAM support considerations influence the design of the delivered system at the earliest opportunity
  • Identify and develop support requirements that are related to and supportive of reliability, availability, and maintainability objectives of the delivered system
  • Supply the RAM supporting tasks for client's integration into the Product Safety Plan as required by concerned authorities as part of the project's life cycle

We will support our clients in defining a RAM plan with the purpose of setting forth a pragmatic, i.e., cost effective and common sense, approach for the application of RAM analysis throughout system and/or product(s) life cycle from design and development to operations and product support.