Product safety will usually be achieved by identification of hazards, the definition of appropriate safety criteria, standards, and procedures to control the risk(s) and implementation of the selected control measures and monitoring the successful implementation of these measures. The principal emphasis of the safety culture recommended by us at MARSA Solutions shall be one of risk control through fault prevention rather than consequence mitigation.

We will assist our client in defining and implementing strategies that will produce the desired level of product safety by conducting:

  • Hazard analysis – the identification and qualification of the nature, likelihood and scale of potential accidents that may involve the equipment, operators and where applicable, members of the general public and the environment.
  • Risk assessment – subsequently carried out to evaluate the combination of hazard severity, with its probability of occurrence, together with the tolerability of sustaining the consequences.
  • Hazard control – including description of the measures to remove, mitigate or control the consequences, of these hazards through a combination of engineering and management measures.

MARSA's consultants in the past have been involved in the safety study, analysis, and modeling of the following systems: