Nuclear Power Plant Severe Accident Analysis

A severe accident in a nuclear power plant is a transient that leads to fuel melting and to the eventual release of radioactive fission products from the fuel. The accidents in which a substantial and wide variety of types of radioactive material are released to the environment are all postulated to involve one or a series of system failures that result in loss of water from the primary system or a power-cooling mismatch. An initiating event is assumed to have occurred that may have been induced by equipment failure, and/or operator error, or an external event (earthquake, tsunami, fire, etc.).

MARSA Solutions has expertise in conducting Individual Plant Examination [IPE] required as part of Nuclear Regulatory Commission [NRC] policy statement on severe accidents regarding future designs and existing plants (50 CFR 32138). We have in the past carried out safety analysis by modeling a PWR nuclear power plant with the following objectives: