Fusion Reactor Cooling System Safety Analysis

In nuclear fusion applications, the lead-rich eutectic alloy, 83 a/o Pb – 17 a/o Li, combines breeding and neutron multiplying capabilities with a low liquidus temperature of 235 C. This alloy has been proposed as a liquid breeder/blanket material in various nuclear fusion applications. Because water is being considered as a coolant, it is important to understand the interactions that might occur if the molten alloy contacts water. A worst-case scenario would be release of toxic and radioactive species from containment.

MARSA Solutions resources have in the past been involved in conducting experimental analysis to explore the hydrodynamic and the chemical aspects of well characterized forced contact of the aforementioned eutectic alloy with liquid water and recording the resulting dynamics. The resulting dynamics could be compared to further analyze the possibility of any component and/or system failure in case of such a contact between the two cooling systems.

(The full report for "The Behavior of Molten Pb and 83 a/o Pb-17 a/o Li When Impacted by a Vertical Column of Water" can be found at UWFDM-1031.)